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University Presbyterian Church, Chapel Hill, NC


University Presbyterian Church, Chapel Hill, NC

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Sunday Morning Worship Services are at 8:30 a.m. and at 11:00 a.m.

For your assistance during worship with us, a well-staffed nursery and child care facility are available in rooms beneath the sanctuary. You are invited to leave your young children with these caregivers during worship.

University Presbyterian Church is located at 209 East Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Convenient parking is available in the Rosemary Street parking deck and in the parking lot adjacent to the Morehead Planetarium.

Our Mission

Founded and built upon a strong faith in God's providence,
While trusting in God's abundant goodness and grace,
University Presbyterian Church faces the future
in joyful reliance upon God's Spirit
and in willing obedience to God's Word.

It is our belief that God calls us to be Christ's community
of faith and moral discourse in Chapel Hill and the University.

Worshipping with enthusiasm and joy.
Proclaiming God's truth with boldness and confidence.
Providing a wellspring of care and nurture for the church family.
Equipping all members for ministry in today's world.
Celebrating the diversity that exists among us.
Reaching out with compassion and love to all who are in need in our congregation, in our local community and in the world beyond.
Constantly seeking peace and justice for all of God's children.

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209 East Franklin Street

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

(919) 929-2102