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The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan

The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan is senior pastor of First Congregational Church (UCC) in Asheville, NC.

Member of:

United Church of Christ

Representative of:

First Congregational United Church of Christ, Asheville, NC

Poem: Why are Bad Things Spoken Loudly?

August 13, 2010


Why are bad things spoken loudly

And good things barely whispered?


The bad things are remembered

and the good things never heard,

and it's about as far from God

as humanity will get,


and it hurts me to my soul,

it hurts too deep to cry

so people think that things are fine.


Don't they know that I'm not me

when they define in me with their words

in their fear,

out of their anger?


If only they would ask me who I am....

or look inside themselves,

real deep inside themselves....


If they would look inside themselves

to their own fear and pain,

then they would see...


because inside yourself is me

and inside myself is you

and all our souls were fashioned by

the same inclusive love...


...a love that must weep sorely

as it views our backwards lives.


Kimberleigh Buchanan

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