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Northside United Methodist Church

What We Believe

Our beliefs as United Methodists are summarized in our Articles of Religion and our Confession of Faith. Some of our key beliefs are as follows

We worship one God as the three divine Persons of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
We confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is truly God and truly human, and we praise God's goodness shown in Christ's self offering, which involved His life, His crucifixion, and death, and His resurrection from the dead.

It has been the distinctive gift of the Methodist tradition to emphasize the work of God in bringing men and women to conviction (knowledge of our need for God's grace), to conversion (pardon from sin that comes by faith in Christ as a gift from God), and to Christian holiness (growing in the likeness of God, as we are empowered by God's grace, both as individuals and as communities). Our church also insists that the grace of God is available to all persons. Christ is "the true light, which enlightens everyone." (John 1:9).

We practice baptism of infants and adults as Christ's appointed means of bringing persons into the fellowship of the church, and we practice holy communion as Christ's appointed means of celebrating Christ's offering for us and the fellowship we have with Christ and with each other

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2799 Northside Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: (404) 355-6475
Fax: (404) 355-6478