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Chris Yaw Interviews Steve Knight: Participating in God's Mission Grows the Church

May 12, 2012

Taken with permission from

It's the classic definition of 'missional': participating with God in what God is doing in the world - and it's Steve Knight's passion and profession.

Maybe you've heard of Steve's popular blog, or heard him speak (or spoken about) at emergent church gatherings. Steve currently serves the Disciples of Christ in their efforts to start 1,000 new churches, and transform 1,000 others by 2020.

In this interview Steve tells us how imagination and creativity are playing big parts in this endeavor.


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Steve Knight is enthusiastic about the direction he sees God taking the Church, and the Disciples of Christ denomination: into a missional path that is challenging us all to get with God's program. Here are my notes from the interview:

Ask Self-Awakening Questions
The renewal (aka transformation) process for declining congregations begins with the some challenging questions: who are we? Where is God leading us? What are our passions? What are our gifts?

Missional Business Models
Newer congregations may not be able to put into place older funding models. So one Texas congregation, TheChalice Abbey Project, is actually part fair trade store, coffee house - and church.

Be Open to Change
It may be the most important attribute of today's church leader - Steve says that being open to trying new things in new places will define the direction of tomorrow's church.

About Steve Knight
I love telling stories and throwing parties. I'm the Minister for Missional Initiatives with Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation and community architect forTransFORM Network. I serve on the boards of Fireside International and the Gaston Interfaith Center, and I'm part of the Open Hearts Gathering community in Gastonia, NC (affiliated with the Disciples of Christ).

Books Steve Recommends
Open Source Church - Landon Whitsitt
Practicing the Way of Jesus - Mark Scandrette
Down We Go - Kathy Escobar

Sponsors I Mentioned
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