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Chris Yaw Interviews Dwight Moody: Let the Young People Preach!

August 14, 2012

Taken with permission from

Raising up the next generation of Christian leaders is something today's church 1) needs, and 2) is not doing well - so says Dwight Moody, which is why he's doing something rather substantial about it.

Dwight runs The Academy of Preachers and says it's the most ecumenical outfit in North America - attracting hundreds of young preachers from all Christian faith traditions to its many preaching events.

In this interview, Dwight tells us how he's helping churches jump-start vocations, and inspiring veteran preachers with new ideas and energy.


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Dwight Moody has a passion for preaching - one he's passing along to the next generation in a practical and inspiring way. Here are my notes from the interview:

Few Young People Want to Preach
Dwight says this latest generation, brought up on more insular modes of communicating, a la Facebook and text-messaging, is petrified of public speaking. The Academy offers community and encouragement to overcome this.

Belly Up to Technology
The very first sermons were written down and passed out, today that's being done via video. Instead of shunning new ways to share your sermons, Dwight says we need to study, embrace, and do all we can to get the Word out.

You're Not Too Young to Preach!
Dwight says too many Christian leaders are gate-keepers - prone to try to talk young people out of ministry, instead of into it. He says we need to be encouraging and inviting instead, keeping an eye out for the gifts present at very young ages, that can help proclaim the Gospel.

About Dwight Moody
The Rev. Dr. Dwight A. Moody is a gospel catalyst serving as president of the Academy of Preachers. In this role, he envisions and administers a national organization whose mission is to identify, network, support, and inspire young people in their call to gospel preaching. Preparing him for this emerging ministry has been his work as preacher, pastor, professor, dean, theologian, radio host, croquet player, and largely-unread author. Dr. Moody holds degrees from Georgetown College (BA) and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv, PhD) and studied also at Jerusalem University College and the graduate school of Notre Dame University. He has served as pastor of churches in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. He is celebrating 40 years of marriage to Jan; together they have three children and two grandchildren. The whole Moody clan live in Kentucky.

Books Dwight Recommends
Made to Stick - Chip and Dan Heath
Delivering the Sermon - Teresa Fry Brown
360 Degree Preaching - Michael Quicke



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