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The Rt. Rev. Robert C. Wright The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright

The Right Rev. Robert C. Wright is the tenth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, GA.

Member of:

The Episcopal Church

Representative of:

Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, GA

Bishop Rob Wright: Details (Luke 7:13) -

June 10, 2013


You can read the Bible and get lost in the details. Preachers do it all the time! Anthropology, sociology, psychology -- it's all there, all interesting. But don't miss in scripture how God chooses to be God!


Amidst the sadness of a child's funeral, the tears of a mother and the jangle of a crowd, we hear "...the Lord saw her, had compassion on her and spoke to her." Luke 7:13


Did you get it? Each of us is entrusted with the good news that the God who has reached out to us in Jesus Christ sees, has compassion and speaks! God is not blind, cold or dumb. Even as the coffin is marched to the cemetery, or the family comes unglued, or the business tanks, God is active being God!


There's something about this Jesus that can transform a funeral procession into a glory-of-God parade. Glad about that.


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