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The Rev. Dr. Tony Sundermeier The Rev. Dr. Tony Sundermeier is senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, GA.

Member of:

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Representative of:

First Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA

The Rev. Dr. Tony Sundermeier

Presbyterian Church (USA)

First Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA


Tony Sundermeier has served as the Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian since August of 2014.

Tony is married to Rev. Katie Sundermeier and together they have two sons, Jonny (b. 2002) and Luke (b. 2008).

A native Philadelphian, Tony has served churches in Allentown, Pennsylvania and West Chester, Pennsylvania.  With a passion for discipleship and Christian leadership formation, Tony's ministry focuses on three specific areas: he serves as the lead preacher for Sunday worship, he moderates the Session, and he leads and equips the senior level staff of the church.

He is a graduate of Eastern University (1997, B.A., Theology), Princeton Theological Seminary (2003, M.Div.), and Biblical Theological Seminary (2011, D.Min.).

Tony enjoys travel, cooking, golf, and coaching basketball.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Gospel and Our Culture Network and is on the advisory board of NEXT Church.



Latest Content by The Rev. Dr. Tony Sundermeier

The Rev. Dr. Tony Sundermeier

Tony Sundermeier: Are All Ushers?

1 Corinthians 12:27-31

3rd Sunday after Epiphany - Year C

January 27, 2019

The Rev. Dr. Tony Sundermeier (PCUSA)


Several years ago, while serving a congregation in Pennsylvania, I received an email from a pastor friend who detailed his plan for an upcoming sabbatical.  Part of the plan included worshipping one Sunday in the congregation I was serving.  That day eventually came and I told my friend (his name is John) that I would be on the lookout for him. After I wrapped up a Sunday school class, I walked toward the sanctuary, and to my surprise I saw John standing by one of the doors, bulletins in hand, welcoming people who were coming to worship.

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The Rev. Dr. Tony Sundermeier

Urgency and Focus

Luke 9:51-62

6th Sunday after Pentecost - Year C

June 26, 2016

The Rev. Dr. Tony Sundermeier (PCUSA)


A few years ago our family--my wife and our two sons--took a road trip from Pennsylvania to Tennessee. Plotting the drive, we decided to break up the trip, spending one night in Winchester, Virginia. Playing a key role in both the Revolutionary and Civil War, this small town possesses sites and stories of great historical consequence. One of those sites is a tiny log cabin that from the fall of 1775 to Christmastime 1756 housed the military offices of one George Washington. That cabin is now part of a museum dedicated to Washington's time in Winchester. We decided that this would be the site we would visit before we got back on the road. Walking from the hotel we came to the museum from what I later discovered was the rear of the building. There were no signs marking an entrance or hours and no one was there to meet us. We simply walked in through an open door. After about five minutes exploring the exhibits, we heard an indignant and aggressive voice directed our way, "What do you think you are doing?" We turned and standing there was a woman with a nametag indicating that she worked for the museum. "We are visiting the museum," I said. "Well, I can see that. But are you going to pay for your visit?" I responded, "I didn't know there was a cost. The door we came through had no sign saying there was a fee." She said, "Maybe so but the front door has a sign and had you come through that door you would have seen that you had to purchase tickets." After trying to explain--to no avail--the efficacy and practically of having signs on all the doors that are open, we purchased tickets and enjoyed the rest of the museum.

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