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The Rev. Dr. Leanne Van Dyk The Rev. Dr. Leanne Van Dyk
The Rev. Dr. Leanne Van Dyk is president of Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA.

Member of:

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Representative of:

Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA

Day1 Minute with Leanne Van Dyk - Part 1

July 02, 2018

Here's the president of Columbia Theological Seminary, the Rev. Dr. Leanne Van Dyk, offering an inspiring Day1 Minute...


The story of the Transfiguration in the gospel of Luke is one of the most puzzling stories in the Bible. One commentator remarked that there is "rather limited success in understanding the meaning of the transfiguration."

There is one thing that is clear... that this story speaks consistently and compellingly about the glory of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ and his glory that once shone on a distant mountain top. And as we explore the story, we get to peek over a rock ledge on the side of that mountain and look on in awe.




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