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Recent Day1 Blog Articles

The Rev. Dr. Emily C. Heath Article

August 27, 2017

Emily C. Heath: Armor

The Rev. Emily Heath (UCC)

If you're like me, Scripture passages about war and armor are difficult. I don't like the idea of violence. I don't want to encourage militaristic ways of looking at the world, and I especially don't want to perpetuate some idea that Christians need to arm ourselves against others. Every time I read this Scripture, though, I wrestle between these fears and something else: hope.
The Rev. Dr. Derek Penwell Article

August 26, 2017

Derek Penwell: If You’re A Christian, Now Would Be A Good Time To Live Like It

The Rev. Dr. Derek Penwell (CC(DC))

I sent off a letter many years ago to Duke theologian, Stanley Hauerwas, chronicling some trouble I’d been experiencing at the church I was serving. The trouble centered on my failure to sufficiently celebrate the Fourth of July in worship.
The Rev. Martin Copenhaver Article

August 25, 2017

Martin Copenhaver: A Funeral for a Frog

The Rev. Martin Copenhaver (UCC)

I suppose it is handy to have a minister in the family when a frog needs a funeral, but in this case I was more member of the congregation than officiant.
Carl McColman Article

August 24, 2017

Carl McColman: Can We Measure the Scientific Benefits of Christian Contemplation?

Carl McColman (other)

Trying to measure the scientific efficacy of Christian contemplation, or, for that matter, comparing the 'benefits' of Christian prayer to other meditation practices, seems a bit like wondering if my marriage is happier than yours.
Bishop Kenneth Carter Article

August 23, 2017

Bishop Ken Carter: Charlottesville and the call to be the Church of Jesus Christ

Bishop Kenneth Carter (UMC)

Saturday before last I began to learn of the events of Charlottesville. I stated that, as a follower of Jesus and a graduate of the University of Virginia, I found this repulsive. Later that evening, knowing that many would worship in local churches the next morning, I invited us to lay our racism at the altar and ask God to remove it from us.
ON Scripture: The Bible™ Article

August 21, 2017

ON Scripture: To Be A Rock in a World Adrift (Matthew 16:13-20) By Karyn L. Wiseman

ON Scripture: The Bible

I believe we’re called to be Peters in the world. Proclaiming our belief in God. Calling each other to faithful discipleship. Being supportive and loving is what we are called to do. Holding each other up and encouraging one another is part of our job as Jesus followers. Supporting the last, the least, the lost, and the left behind is our mission.
The Rev. Gordon Stewart Article

August 20, 2017

Gordon Stewart: “If you love him, why not . . . ?”

The Rev. Gordon Stewart (PCUSA)

Fourth in a series on “Jacob’s Ladder at Almost 75”
The Rev. Gordon Stewart Article

August 19, 2017

Gordon Stewart: “My Jesus”

The Rev. Gordon Stewart (PCUSA)

Part 3 of “Jacob’s Ladder at Almost 75” “Sinner, do you love my Jesus?” The day I met Tony Lewis, “my Jesus” fell off the ladder.
The Rev. Gordon Stewart Article

August 18, 2017

Gordon Stewart: “Every round goes higher, higher”

The Rev. Gordon Stewart (PCUSA)

Part 2 of “Jacob’s Ladder at Almost 75” As a child and youth, Jacob’s Ladder touched something deep within me. I couldn’t have described what it was or why at the time.
The Rev. Gordon Stewart Article

August 17, 2017

Gordon Stewart: Jacob’s Ladder at almost 75

The Rev. Gordon Stewart (PCUSA)

Sometimes I can’t get it out of my head. I go to sleep with it. Wake up with it. Walk the dog with it. It’s been over a month now. “We are climbing Jacob’s ladder” begs for my attention.