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Recent Key Voice Articles

Bishop Kenneth Carter Article

July 21, 2009

help...stay away!

Bishop Kenneth Carter (UMC)

we often need help, and yet we resist the very help that we need.
The Rev. Mark Sargent Article

July 13, 2009

Tomato Time

Mark Sargent (UMC)

This summer season of this perfect fruit affords an opportunity for us to reflect on our own Christian fruitfulness.
The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan Article

July 06, 2009

Teaching Children Faith (or Children Teaching Faith)....

The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan (UCC)

I thought I'd been teaching 8 year old Anna faith, while all the time she'd been teaching me.
The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan Article

July 02, 2009

Apostolic Visitation on US Nuns

The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan (UCC)

Reflections on the recent Vatican decision to assess the "quality of life" of women religious in the United States.
The Rev. Mark Sargent Article

July 01, 2009

Guy Clark, The Senator, The Governor, and The King of Pop

Mark Sargent (UMC)

I have an idea for what we might ponder doing when we hear of someone who is struggling.
Kimberly Knight Article

June 29, 2009

Independence or Inter-dependence?

Kimberly Knight (UCC)

Some rambling thoughts about the approaching Independence Day.
Bishop Kenneth Carter Article

June 27, 2009

when icons are destroyed

Bishop Kenneth Carter (UMC)

A reflection on a difficult week in our popular and political culture.
The Rev. Peter Wallace Article

June 26, 2009

The Message of Michael Jackson

The Rev. Peter Wallace (TEC)

What was it about the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, that has caused such an outpouring of emotion around the world?
The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan Article

June 26, 2009

Holocaust Museum Shooting

The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan (UCC)

Reflections on the Holocaust Museum shooting on June 10, 2009.
The Rev. Dr. Peter Samuelson Article

June 22, 2009

A Rabbi, an Ayatollah and a Pundit

The Rev. Dr. Peter L. Samuelson (ELCA)

While the title of my blog sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, I actually have something quite serious in mind. the use of speech in the exercise of authority.