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The Rev. Thomas Are, Jr. Transcript

December 16, 2018

Thomas Are, Jr. - Christmas at Luke's House

The Rev. Thomas Are, Jr. (PCUSA)

The Rev. Thomas Are, Jr., invites us to spend Christmas at Luke’s house this week, and it’s a simple place off the beaten track far outside of town. There’s a real manger out back, but it’s not a sweet part of the story. This manger makes Luke angry. There is no reason the world should not have made room for this baby.
The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston Transcript

December 09, 2018

Scott Black Johnston: Christmas at Matthew's House

The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston (PCUSA)

Dr. Scott Black Johnston takes us to Matthew's house for Christmas, where we learn that family trees can be messy, as can our families themselves. They are imperfect, and this time of year we often do our best to hide those imperfections at least while we’re around our families. But Matthew’s genealogy is filled with scoundrels as well, and poor Joseph isn’t even blood related to Jesus. What does this mean?
The Rev. Thomas Are, Jr. Transcript

December 02, 2018

Thomas Are, Jr. - Celebrating Christmas with Mark

The Rev. Thomas Are, Jr. (PCUSA)

As he begins a special Day1 series for Advent, the Rev. Tom Are reminds us that Christmas can be hard--it’s supposed to be wonderful, joyful, filled with love, but sometimes it just magnifies our hunger, grief, and fear … and that’s when we need to spend Christmas with Mark, because he knows the son of God will meet us in the broken places.
The Most Rev. Michael Curry Transcript

November 25, 2018

Michael Curry: The King of Love

The Most Rev. Michael Curry (TEC)

As he explores Christ as King, Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry says that this way of love that Jesus teaches is unselfish, sacrificial, seeking the good and the welfare of others before my own unenlightened self-interest.
The Rev. Dr. Kelly Hough Rogers Transcript

November 18, 2018

Kelly Hough Rogers: Therefore, Do Not Worry

The Rev. Dr. Kelly Hough Rogers (UCC)

While we look forward to gathering with family or friends at Thanksgiving, many are anxious about this day--how will the turkey turn out, will we get into political arguments, etc. And all that worry can undermine the whole purpose of Thanksgiving. Dr. Kelly Hough Rogers helps us discover what God is saying to worriers.
The Rev. Dr. Charles Reeb Transcript

November 11, 2018

Charley Reeb: Why Christianity?

The Rev. Dr. Charles Reeb (UMC)

Dr. Charley Reeb delves into the important questions: Why Christianity? What makes Christianity so special? John’s first chapter, he says, wonderfully explains WHY Jesus is so compelling and life-changing. John tells us that those who are open to understanding and experiencing God’s personality and light will be transformed by it.
The Rev. Dr. Charles Reeb Transcript

November 04, 2018

Charley Reeb: Lose the Cape

The Rev. Dr. Charles Reeb (UMC)

Dr. Charley Reeb says one big reason why more people aren’t Christian is other Christians--those who are judgmental rather than joyful, negative rather than encouraging, and anything but loving. How can we avoid getting wrapped up in our capes that represent some opinion or judgment or political view?
The Rev. Matthew Gaventa Transcript

October 28, 2018

Matt Gaventa: Home Repair 101

The Rev. Matthew Gaventa (PCUSA)

The Rev. Matt Gaventa says the last chapter of the book of Job is not the ending we want, but maybe it's the ending we need. Even in its abruptness, and even though it feels as though it's duct-taped on to the rest of the book, there's something refreshingly honest about these verses, something honest about what it is to have faith.
The Rev. Joe Evans Transcript

October 21, 2018

Joe Evans: Where Were You?

The Rev. Joseph Evans (PCUSA)

The Rev. Joe Evans says God’s response to Job’s questions about the multiple tragedies in his life is truly beautiful but a bit frustrating, and yet it does help us put our lives into proper perspective. In the chaos that we face, the victimization, the sadness, the despair, and the heartache, God says, "Just as I tamed the sea, so I will bring order to your life once more.”
The Rev. Joe Evans Transcript

October 14, 2018

Joe Evans: When Israel Was a Child

The Rev. Joseph Evans (PCUSA)

The Rev. Joe Evans says that Hosea the prophet showed in his life, in his marriage to the prostitute Gomer, how God is related to each of us--and committed to us. Even if we’ve forgotten who we ever were and have walked so far away from the light that we can’t see our way back home, God still remembers us and loves us. That is the hope each one of us can cling to.