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The Rev. Dr. Martin E. Marty Transcript

January 15, 2017

Martin Marty: Look! An Epiphany!

The Rev. Dr. Martin Marty (ELCA)

John the Baptist points to this ordinary man, Jesus, and sees him as a revelation of God, opening the eyes of those around him--and hopefully our eyes as well, says Martin Marty, who delves into what the title John gives Jesus, "the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world," really means for us.
The Rev. Dr. Debra Samuelson Transcript

January 08, 2017

Debra Samuelson: Tattooed for Life

The Rev. Dr. Debra Samuelson (ELCA)

The story of baptism is not only a story that we belong to God and are beloved by God, says Debra Samuelson, it is a story that we belong to each other--we're part of a larger story of God's presence in the world.
The Rt. Rev. Robert C. Wright Transcript

January 01, 2017

Bishop Rob Wright: The Sound of the Authentic

The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright (TEC)

"The sound of the genuine," a phrase of Howard Thurman's, is just a way of talking about God, says Bishop Rob Wright. Grasping the reality that, if we can hear the sound of the authentic, we will spend our lives with purpose and meaning, can make our new year happy, and even holy.
The Rev. Dr. Dwight A. Moody Transcript

December 25, 2016

Dwight Moody: This Is My Story

The Rev. Dr. Dwight Moody (CBF)

The whole glorious story of Jesus' nativity is our story, says Dwight Moody. We sing about it, role play in pageants, and it's a deep part of our lives. But it's easy to lose the story in the midst of the cultural celebration, so it's vital for believers to keep their focus on Jesus in the midst of it all.
The Very Rev. Dr. Christoph Keller III Transcript

December 18, 2016

Christoph Keller: Nothing to Dread

The Rev. Dr. Christoph Keller, III (TEC)

In his sermon for the 4th Sunday of Advent, Dr. Chris Keller shares that the prophet Isaiah’s pronouncements are realized in Matthew’s gospel: 700 years before the fact, Isaiah had predicted Christmas. And Christmas speaks to a whole world’s anxiety.
The Rev. Dr. Shawnthea Monroe Transcript

December 11, 2016

Shawnthea Monroe: Present Perfect

The Rev. Dr. Shawnthea Monroe (UCC)

As Mary and her cousin Elizabeth meet, Mary responds with the beautiful song we know as the Magnificat, in which Mary tells of the great and glorious things God has done. What strikes Shawnthea Monroe about it is the tense--the present perfect tense. Mary is not praising God for what God will do, she’s acknowledging what God has done--and yet it really hasn’t happened yet.
The Rev. Dr. Shawnthea Monroe Transcript

December 04, 2016

Shawnthea Monroe: Repent and Reset

The Rev. Dr. Shawnthea Monroe (UCC)

In her sermon for the 2nd Sunday of Advent, Dr. Shawnthea Monroe notes that John the Baptist doesn’t say repent OR the kingdom of heaven will come near, nor does he say repent AND the kingdom of heaven will come near. What he tells us is that we are no longer the key variable in this equation—what is happening in Jesus Christ is God’s doing. We can choose to be part of it, but ready or not, here he comes.
The Rev. Elaine Murray Dreeben Transcript

November 27, 2016

Elaine Dreeben: A Homegoing Song

The Rev. Elaine Dreeben (PCUSA)

Psalm 122 is a pilgrimage song, most likely sung by the faithful making their way up to Jerusalem. And the Rev. Elaine Dreeben says it’s the perfect scripture for the first Sunday of Advent because it reminds us that, though our high holy day of Christmas is only 4 weeks away, the fullness of God’s vision is still a long way off.
The Rev. Elaine Murray Dreeben Transcript

November 20, 2016

Elaine Dreeben: The Reign of Re-memberance

The Rev. Elaine Dreeben (PCUSA)

In her sermon for the Reign of Christ Sunday, the Rev. Elaine Dreeben challenges us as members of Christ's body to be prophets, change agents, and reminders to the world of God's tender mercy and forgiveness even in life's most difficult moments. We're called to point to God's power made perfect in weakness.
The Rev. Julia Rusling Transcript

November 13, 2016

Julia Rusling: A Holy Disruption: No Lamb Chops Tonight

The Rev. Julia Rusling (TEC)

The prophet Isaiah shares God's good news of freedom and release to a people burdened by their exilic existence. The Rev. Julia Rusling invites us to hear that good news when we too find ourselves in the midst of oppression, fear, and injustice.