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The Rev. Benjamin Anthony

Neither Heaven nor Hell

John 15:1-8

5th Sunday of Easter - Year B

May 10, 2009

The Rev. Benjamin Anthony (TEC)

When you turn a television's color contrast up to an extreme, the resulting picture is lurid, garishly distorted into unnatural hues and forms. Whatever was originally there to view and to enjoy disappears into a horror show of color and obscurity. Any reading of scripture is liable to a dramatic turn of its color contrast, a liability that is made more dangerous when such distorted readings are presented as episodes that have been recorded in pristine high-definition fidelity. Rendered in extreme tones, Jesus' parable of the vine and the branches can be read as filled with the threat and malice of eternal punishment. Seen without distortion it is a beautiful illustration of what a faithful life can be patterned after.

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