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Topic Features About Abortion

Bishop Kenneth Carter

The Non-Violent Conscience

Bishop Kenneth Carter (UMC)


I blogged recently on this website about "Abortion and Torture".  These two issues seem to engage differing political constituencies, and yet I have sensed a consistent fundamental value at the heart of each: a preference for life in the midst of death.  The murder of a physician who performed abortions within a Lutheran sanctuary last week, allegedly by an advocate for the "pro-life" position, has only reinforced my own need to ask the question again:  can we see the abortion issue not as the condemnation of those who perform or experience them, but as a context for the inclusion of the unborn?  And certainly, in the aftermath of the murder, an additional question comes to the surface:  "Can we not see both the pro-life and anti-torture positions as being fundamentally non-violent in theory and in practice?"

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