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Advent Topic Results

The Rev. Sue Haupert-Johnson Transcript

November 30, 2014

Waiting in Lag Time

The Rev. Sue Haupert-Johnson (UMC)

As be begin the season of Advent and a new church year, the Rev. Sue Haupert-Johnson encourages us to reflect on God's coming in this in-between time, and to wait actively as people with a role in God's bigger story of redemption.
The Rev. Maxwell Grant Transcript

December 22, 2013

Expecting Christmas

The Rev. Maxwell Grant (UCC)

Christmas may be a time of tremendous, and exhausting, expectations, and yet in his sermon for the 4th Sunday of Advent, the Rev. Max Grant says the season of Advent seems full of counter-cultural potential, because these weeks help us imagine a different way of preparing for the birth of Jesus, one that can't be rushed or shoe-horned in between trips to the mall. We can see the world with new eyes, as Joseph did.
The Rev. Maxwell Grant Transcript

December 15, 2013

Looking for Christmas?

The Rev. Maxwell Grant (UCC)

In his sermon for the 3rd Sunday of Advent, the Rev. Max Grant notes that in Matthew 11, Jesus asks the crowd three times what they are looking for. Sometimes we may not even be aware of what we're looking for or hoping for, but Advent can help us answer that question for ourselves.
The Rev. Dr. Davis Chappell Transcript

December 08, 2013

A Prophet's Joy

The Rev. Dr. Davis Chappell (UMC)

I’ve got good news for you today. Home is not a place. It's a relationship. The One whose birth is promised by prophets will be called Emmanuel, which means God with us. He’s our home! He’s our place! And his presence turns our grief into joy.
The Rev. Dr. Ted A. Smith Transcript

December 01, 2013

Later Days

The Rev. Dr. Ted A. Smith (PCUSA)

Advent rings true. Because we know what it means to dwell in lowly exile here, we can sing with integrity when we sing, 'O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.' Because we know war, and rumors of war, and the endless background noise of almost-war, we are ready to sing, 'dear desire of every nation, enter every trembling heart.' Because we are a people who live in deep darkness, we long to see a great light.
The Rev. Dr. Casey Baggott Transcript

December 23, 2012

Learning to Focus

The Rev. Dr. Casey Baggott (UCC)

In her sermon for the 4th Sunday of Advent, the Rev. Dr. Casey Baggott recounts Mary's response to God's messenger about her pregnancy: When Mary says her soul magnifies the Lord, maybe what she's saying is that the depth of who we are, our souls, can focus reality in certain ways--ways that have the capacity to shine on and affect those around us.
The Rev. Dr. Robert T. Baggott Transcript

December 16, 2012

Getting There

The Rev. Dr. Robert Baggott (UCC)

In his sermon for the 3rd Sunday of Advent, the Rev. Dr. Robert Baggott says John the Baptist was never shy about asking his listeners to do something great. He asked them to repent of all wrongdoing and live new lives clearly marked by generosity, integrity, and contentment. And why aspire to this greatness? Not for some personal ennoblement, but in order to be ready for the coming Messiah.
The Rev. Dr. John H. Westerhoff III Transcript

December 09, 2012

Live Prepared

The Rev. Dr. John Westerhoff, III (TEC)

In his sermon for the 2nd Sunday of Advent, noted theologian and author the Rev. Dr. John Westerhoff explores the meaning of John the Baptist's proclamation, "Repent!" and helps us prepare for Christ's coming.
The Rev. Dr. Bill Britt Transcript

December 02, 2012

Wake Up! Christmas Is Coming

The Rev. Dr. Bill Britt (UMC)

The Rev. Dr. Bill Britt kicks off a new church year with his powerful sermon for the First Sunday of Advent on Luke 21:25-36: Wake Up! Christmas Is Coming. Are you ready for the coming of Christ?
Bishop Kenneth Carter Transcript

December 18, 2011

Call and Response

Bishop Kenneth Carter (UMC)

On this final Sunday in Advent, the Rev. Dr. Ken Carter examines the important role that Mary, the mother of Jesus, plays in the story of our faith, and encourages us to listen for God's call to do extraordinary things.