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Topic Features About Ascent

The Rev. Dr. Robert Dunham

Always Another Climb

Luke 9:28-36

2nd Sunday in Lent - Year C

February 28, 2010

The Rev. Dr. Robert Dunham (PCUSA)

Because Matthew, Mark and Luke all tell the story of this mountaintop encounter, this story comes around in the lectionary every year around this time on Transfiguration Sunday.  It seems a bit odd to come back to it just two Sundays later on this second Sunday in Lent, but I do so for a particular reason today. Over the years, many of us likely have heard lots of sermons on this story. I don't know about your experience, but most of the sermons I have read, heard or preached on the transfiguration have taken one of two tacks.  One has been a focus on the glory itself, the mysterium tremendum at the heart of the story, as Jesus is transfigured and becomes dazzlingly radiant before Peter, James and John, as a foreshadowing of his eventual glorification as the Son of God.  Another approach, also faithful to the text, has had as its focus the valley of need that awaits Jesus and the disciples at the end of this wonderful mountaintop experience. 

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