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The Rev. P. Richard Game

Peter's Invisible Fence

Acts 11:1-18

5th Sunday of Easter - Year C

April 28, 2013

The Rev. Richard Game (TEC)

Down came the blanket with those creepy, crawling snakes and vultures and other weird animals on it.  In fact, the heavenly blanket came down three times. And each time the blanket descended, Peter said, "No, not me!"

Peter's response to God's picnic invitation was not mere squeamishness.  Peter found the menu repulsing.  None of those animals was acceptable food.  Peter's "no" welled up from deep within him.  An observant Jew, Peter had spent a lifetime trying to remain ritually clean.  His "no" to the heavenly invitation was the visceral, reactive, reflexive result of years of religious conditioning. 

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