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The Rev. Dr. Charles Reeb Transcript

June 08, 2014

Controlling the Wind

The Rev. Dr. Charles Reeb (UMC)

In his sermon for Pentecost Sunday, Dr. Charley Reeb calls us to celebrate the birthday of the church, and to open ourselves up to the power of the Spirit in our everyday lives.
Laura Truman Transcript

May 11, 2014

Laura Truman: The Church This Side of Heaven (FTE Series #2)

Laura Truman (other)

In her sermon for the FTE "Inspiring Young Leaders to Shape the Future" series, Laura Truman--a student at Candler School of Theology--explores the life and ministry of the early church in Acts 2, and helps us envision where the church is moving.
The Very Rev. Samuel G. Candler Transcript

January 26, 2014

Is Christ Divided?

The Very Rev. Samuel G. Candler (TEC)

Religious division is as old as the early church, as seen in Paul's teaching in 1 Corinthians 1:10-18. The Very Rev. Sam Candler examines why this continues to be a problem, and how we might work to create unity in the body of Christ.
The Rev. J. C. Austin Transcript

July 07, 2013

Changing Plans

The Rev. J. C. Austin (PCUSA)

What can we learn about the future of the church from Jesus' sending 70 followers to go out and minister in his name? The Rev. J.C. Austin helps us wrestle with that question in his sermon on Luke 10.
The Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Lewis Transcript

January 20, 2013

The Fountain of Life

The Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Lewis (other)

In this moving sermon based on Psalm 36, the Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Lewis calls us to follow the example of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and boldly proclaim God's justice for lost people who need hope.

Where is the Church heading? - Praxis 21 Conference


Peter Wallace asks the question on everyones mind at the entrepreneurially-minded Praxis 21 conference this year: Where is the Church headed? Including numerous viewpoints from an array of denominations, we found a great deal of hope mixed in with some hard reality.

The Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Long - A Day1 Conversation with Peter Wallace

The Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Long (PCUSA)

The Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Long sits down with Day1 host Peter Wallace to discuss his teaching work with the Candler School of Theology at Emory University, his books on evil and suffering as well as the Christian funeral, and his thoughts on how our very own Protestant Hour archives could provide a valuable window into the history of preaching in the 20th century. Join us for a conversation of faith and hope, only on Day1.
The Rev. Pendleton Peery Transcript

May 13, 2012

The Holy Spirit as a Pre-Existing Condition

The Rev. Pendleton Peery (PCUSA)

In his sermon on Acts 10:44-48, Pen Peery explores how the Holy Spirit dramatically moved in the early church to expand its boundaries, and shows us how we can open ourselves to the work of the Spirit in the church today.

Does The Church Have A Future? - Diana Butler Bass

Dr. Diana Butler Bass (TEC)

Diana Butler Bass offers a compelling analysis of where she sees the church headed in the world of faith in which we live today. In this brilliant segment she explains the premise of her new book, Christianity After Religion, and explains where she sees the church going in this uncertain age.


Four Young Preachers, One Call - Festival of Young Preachers

Academy of Preachers (other)

Four young preachers speak on their calling to the ministry at the 2012 Festival of Young Preachers in Louisville, KY. Featuring Jean-Daniel Cathéll-Williams, Joseph T. Howard, David Telfort and Kristina Heise.