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Community Topic Results

The Rev. Dr. Sam Matthews Transcript

July 29, 2007

Teach Us to Pray

The Rev. Dr. Sam Matthews (UMC)

The Rev. Dr. Sam Matthews tells us that persistent prayer is virtuous  when it seeks the mind and heart and spirit of God and  reminds us that we are called to sincere prayers in the midst of the Church body.

The Rev. Martha Sterne Transcript

June 18, 2006

A Day of Small Things

The Rev. Martha Sterne (TEC)

The Rev. Martha Sterne, rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Maryville, Tennessee, talks about the importance of small things in our lives.

The Rev. Dr. Wiley Stephens Transcript

May 14, 2006

Well-Connected Christians

The Rev. Dr. Wiley Stephens (UMC)

The Rev. Dr. B. Wiley Stephens, senior minister of Dunwoody United Methodist Church in Dunwoody, Georgia, talks about the strength that comes from Christian community and fellowship.

The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles Transcript

April 23, 2006

Signs of the Resurrection

The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles (CBF)

The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles is pastor of First Baptist Church, Asheville, North Carolina. Dr. Sayles looks at the example of the early church found in Acts and reflects on the need for our modern church to act as a witness to the resurrection.

The Rev. Ann Svennungsen Transcript

October 02, 2005

The Gift of Community

The Rev. Ann Svennungsen (ELCA)

The Rev. Ann M. Svennungsen is the president of The Fund for Theological Education, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and a Lutheran minister.

The Rev. Dr. Barbara K. Lundblad Transcript

May 15, 2005

When Pentecost Ends Too Soon

The Rev. Dr. Barbara K. Lundblad (ELCA)

The Rev. Barbara K. Lundblad is a professor of preaching at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, and formerly pastored an ELCA church in New York.

The Rev. Harvard Stephens Transcript

September 17, 2000

Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way

The Rev. Dr. Harvard Stephens, Jr. (ELCA)

The Rev. Winifred Collin Transcript

April 27, 1997

No Kevorking

The Rev. Winifred Collin (TEC)