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The Rev. Dr. Kelly Hough Rogers

Kelly Hough Rogers: Abundance Born Out of Scarcity

John 6:1-21

10th Sunday after Pentecost - Year B

July 29, 2018

The Rev. Dr. Kelly Hough Rogers (UCC)


During my time in seminary, I had the good fortune to be a chaplain in a national park through an interdenominational ministry known as A Christian Ministry in the National Parks. Not all Christian Ministry in the National Parks host sites are places of great natural beauty. They are battlefields and monuments as well as forests, seashores, swamps and canyons. The National Parks system is full of sites that help us understand our unique American heritage. Whenever I am near a National Parks site, I visit. Not only do I visit to once again be awed by the wonder of creation, I visit to learn about the history of this nation. I visit to expand my worldview. And I visit to support this vital resource we are lucky enough to have and I visit to remind myself to pray and work toward the hope of maintaining this resource for future generations.

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The Rev. Dr. Eric Barreto

Eric Barreto: In the Beginning and In the End

Genesis 1:1--2:4a

1st Sunday After Pentecost - Year A (Trinity Sunday)

June 11, 2017

The Rev. Dr. Eric Barreto (CBF)


In the beginning, God created the world. In the beginning, God drew order out of chaos. In the beginning, God breathed life into every living creature. In the beginning, God crafted and made the world.

In contrast, it seems like we as a people want to tell a very different story. It sometimes seems we are committed to leading the world back into chaos, that we would rather commit ourselves to recreating the world in our distorted image: an image punctuated by pollution and war and domination. We sometimes seem determined to create a world characterized by death and loss instead of the miracle of life and breath and goodness and the flourishing of all living things.

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Other Recent Content About Creation

The Rev. Julia Rusling Transcript

November 13, 2016

Julia Rusling: A Holy Disruption: No Lamb Chops Tonight

The Rev. Julia Rusling (TEC)

The prophet Isaiah shares God's good news of freedom and release to a people burdened by their exilic existence. The Rev. Julia Rusling invites us to hear that good news when we too find ourselves in the midst of oppression, fear, and injustice.
The Rev. Dr. Nancy J. Duff Transcript

November 01, 2015

Hear the Animals Singing: The Bible and Genetics - Faith & Science Series Part 6

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Duff (PCUSA)

The Rev. Dr. Nancy J. Duff offers a fascinating introduction to the role of animals in creation and in our lives, and encourages us to more fully respond to the biblical call to be responsible for the welfare of animals today.
The Rev. Dr. Ted Peters Transcript

October 04, 2015

God and Cosmos - Faith & Science Series Part 2

The Rev. Dr. Ted Peters (ELCA)

In his sermon for our Faith & Science series, Dr. Ted Peters explores the realities behind Psalm 8, which reveals that regardless of how large our cosmos might be, God still loves each one of us individually and intimately.
The Rev. Scott Hoezee Transcript

September 27, 2015

Every Creature - Faith & Science Series Part 1

The Rev. Scott Hoezee (other)

As we launch our new series, Faith & Science in the 21st Century, the Rev. Scott Hoezee asks some of the big questions of life: does the universe make sense? Does the cosmos have a purpose? Do human beings matter? With the help of Paul's soaring words in Colossians 1, he offers help in addressing and exploring those questions as Christians today.

The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston Transcript

November 11, 2012

The Witness of Stones

The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston (PCUSA)

The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston takes a different approach to the "Palm Sunday" story in Luke 19, and reveals an intriguing and motivating insight on praising God.
The Rev. David Lewicki Transcript

January 08, 2012

As It Was in the Beginning

The Rev. David Lewicki (PCUSA)

What we learn from the account of creation in Genesis 1 and the launching of Jesus' ministry in Mark 1 is that beginnings matter--they tell us who we are, whose we are, and where we are going.
Day1 Article

December 03, 2009

Oddysey Networks: Preview of Copenhagen Climate Change Summit


Day1 partner Oddysey Networks is covering the faith perspective at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. Join Odyssey Networks as we report on the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Bishop Kenneth Carter Article

May 07, 2009

Words, The Word and Getting on with Your Life

Bishop Kenneth Carter (UMC)

Ken Carter reflects on the importance of words, words that define who we are and words that send us forth into the world, in the context of a rainy graduation ceremony.