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Topic Features About Depression

The Rev. Lori Archer Raible

Lori Raible: I Beg You, Do Not Torment Me

Luke 8:26-37

2nd Sunday after Pentecost - Year C

June 23, 2019

The Rev. Lori Raible (PCUSA)


I don't care if you are Al Roker or Willard Scott, no one can honestly estimate the wrath of a storm. We can't control them or stop them. How does the Psalm go? Though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam... (Psalm 46). Well, it seems like Jesus was having one of those days. We find Jesus on the shore after crossing the gliding waters of the Sea of Galilee where Jews caught fish and Jesus caught disciples. But as you know, this trip with his fearful disciples was not smooth sailing. And come to find out, the raging sea wasn't the only storm Jesus commanded that day. Hear what happens when Jesus lands on the east side, the Gentile side of the lake, in the Gospel of Luke 8:26-27.

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The Rev. John Gunn


The Rev. John Gunn (other)

This episode of Be Still and Know addresses depression and dour mood. Perhaps we can't keep away the blues, but we don't have to yield to them. If we will look for them and use them, there are always remedies for curing our worried spirits and getting rid of our blues.


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When Hope is Gone - Day1 Reflection Team

The Day1 Reflection Team, along with host Bill Turpie, discusses the meaning of hope, and how to live when hope seems absent. A Day1 TV segment from "America at Worship."
The Rev. Dr. William L. Self Transcript

April 17, 2005

On Being Pursued by the Black Dog

The Rev. Dr. William L. Self (CBF)

The Rev. Dr. Bill Self is pastor of Johns Creek Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA, and a member of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.