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Discipleship Topic Results

The Rev. Dr. David Lose Transcript

August 23, 2009

Words of Eternal Life

The Rev. Dr. David Lose (ELCA)

The Rev. Dr. David Lose probes Jesus' difficult teaching in John 6:59-69, and how we should respond to it today.

Where You Never Expected to Be - Thomas Long on 30 Good Minutes

The Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Long (PCUSA)

Dr. Thomas Long, Professor of Preaching at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University, shares a message called "Where You Never Expected to Be." He says God calls us to tasks we never imagined for ourselves and places we never expected to be. If we know how to listen, we can hear God's call right now.

30 Good Minutes - A Conversation with Thomas Long

The Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Long (PCUSA)

Hosts Daniel Pawlus and Lydia Talbot in conversation with Thomas Long on the topic of our calling. He says the call to serve God is always costly, but never ourtside the range of our abilities. God uses the gifts and passions we have already been given to equip us for whatever it is to which we are called.
The Rev. Sharon Hiers Transcript

July 19, 2009

RSVP to Jesus

The Rev. Sharon Hiers (TEC)

The Rev. Sharon Hiers explores Christ's invitation to his disciples--and to us--to get away for a while to a deserted place.
The Rev. Dr. James C. Howell Transcript

May 17, 2009

As the Father Has Loved Me

The Rev. Dr. James C. Howell (UMC)

The Rev. Dr. James Howell offers a fresh exploration of Jesus' love for his disciples as revealed in John 15--and what that means for the recipients of that love in today's world.
The Rev. Dr. William H. Willimon Article

April 20, 2009

Bishop Will Willimon: A Faith Based on the Testimony of Women

The Rev. Dr. William H. Willimon (UMC)

Bishop Will Willimon offers insight on what Jesus told his disciples to do after his resurrection -- and what that means for our faith today.

Ann Claypool Beard, LCSW Transcript

January 18, 2009

Philip: The Careful Realist

Ann Claypool Beard, LCSW (TEC)

Philip was the first person to whom Jesus extended his famous invitation, offering him the most basic form of salvation when he said, "Follow me." It was soon after Jesus met Philip that he made this simple though life-changing proposal: "Come join me. Share the rest of your journey with me," and Philip did just that. Such immediate acceptance of a life-altering offer seems out of character for Philip, because later passages in the gospels show him to be a cautious and deliberate man who was typically slow to make decisions.
The Rev. Dr. Jimmy Allen Transcript

July 13, 2008

Response to the Good News

The Rev. Dr. Jimmy Allen (CBF)

The Rev. Dr. Jimmy Allen preaches on the parable of the Sower and how through our hearing and deep understanding we are able to respond to God's love with active faith.

The Rev. Dr. Trace Haythorn Transcript

June 29, 2008

The Art of Welcome

The Rev. Dr. Trace Haythorn (PCUSA)

The Rev. Dr. Trace Haythorn leads a powerful discourse on the practice of Christian hospitality.

The Rev. Dr. Patrick Keen Transcript

June 15, 2008

A Great Time to Be the Church

The Rev. Dr. Patrick Keen (ELCA)

The Rev. Dr. Patrick Keen preaches on the responsibility of the Body of Christ to active discipleship and rejoices for the outpouring of Christian love and service in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.