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Doubt Topic Results

The Rev. Dr. Peter Samuelson Article

May 08, 2009

Lord, I don't believe, help my unbelief!

The Rev. Dr. Peter L. Samuelson (ELCA)

In an essay on "This American Life" on NPR, writer Dan Savage speaks of a new return to an old struggle with faith after the death of his mother. He finds an unexpected comfort in the church, even as he cannot quite embrace the faith again.


When Clergy Question Faith - Day1 Diner with Rev. Otis Moss III

The beginning of wisdom is found in doubting - Pierre Abalard, French Philosopher, 1079-11412
The Very Rev. Samuel G. Candler Transcript

December 16, 2007

Are You the One Who Is to Come?

The Very Rev. Samuel G. Candler (TEC)

The Very Rev. Samuel G. Candler calls us to open our eyes to the signs that Jesus has come and recognize the gift of love and peace in the changes of people all around us.

The Rev. Dr. William L. Self Transcript

April 15, 2007

Doubt--The Prelude to Faith

The Rev. Dr. William L. Self (CBF)

The Rev. Dr. Bill Self explores the differnece between doubt that robs us of our faith and doubt that lead to deeper, transformational faith.

The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles Transcript

April 23, 2006

Signs of the Resurrection

The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles (CBF)

The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles is pastor of First Baptist Church, Asheville, North Carolina. Dr. Sayles looks at the example of the early church found in Acts and reflects on the need for our modern church to act as a witness to the resurrection.