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Topic Features About Dreams

The Rev. Amos Disasa

Amos Disasa: Is, Was, Is to Come

Revelation 1:4-8

2nd Sunday of Easter - Year C

September 03, 2017

The Rev. Amos Disasa (PCUSA)


I have some friends that claim to not dream. I have other friends that keep a journal beside their beds so that they can record their dreams as soon as they wake up. I don't record my dreams in a journal because, well, someone might find that journal and read it. Most of my dreams are harmless, mundane variations of my real life. For instance, one time I had a dream in which I only wore red clothes. Hat, shirt, belt, pants, socks, shoes, everything was red. I was adamant in that dream about the particular shade of red I wore, and that red could only be found at one store. And the dream consisted of me annoying a bunch of people with this idiosyncrasy, and by the end of the dream, I lost all my friends. Could there be some truth buried deep within my unconscious regarding the color red? Maybe, but when I woke up, I didn't bother to explore that possibility, I just laughed and wrote it off as an absurd and impossible scenario.

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The Rev. Dr. Mike Graves

A Different Kind of Dream

Mark 9:2-10

Transfiguration Sunday - Year B

February 19, 2012

The Rev. Dr. Mike Graves (CC(DC))

Without a doubt, one of the most fascinating books I've read in recent years is a little book called Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman. Einstein's Dreams is a piece of fiction based in part on the life of Albert Einstein. The story goes something like this: The year is 1905, and Einstein is working in a patent office in Berne, Switzerland. He is a young man, who in his spare time is toiling over the theory of relativity, the theory of how time works and orders our world. That's what most of us do for a hobby, I'm sure. Anyway, as he toils, Einstein begins to have a series of dreams, each one a different way that time might flow. There are thirty dreams in all, each one a radically different way of looking at the world we know.

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Other Recent Content About Dreams

The Rev. John Gunn

Who does he think he is?

The Rev. John Gunn (other)

In this episode of Be Still and Know, The Rev. John R Gunn instructs the youth not to "listen to that cynical advice which would bottle up your enthusiasm, which would puncture your air castle. Think of the Tom Dooleys, the Alexander Graham Bells, the Charles Lindberghs who dreamed and dared to make their dreams come true."

The Rev. Dr. Serene Jones Transcript

February 13, 2011

When Awakeness Feels Like Dreaming

The Rev. Dr. Serene Jones (UCC)

The Apostle Peter's experience in Acts 12 guides the Rev. Dr. Serene Jones into a reflection on the grace of God as it comes into the midst of fear, turmoil and chaos.
The Rev. Dr. William L. Self

Hold Fast to Dreams - A Good Day with Dr. Bill Self

The Rev. Dr. William L. Self (CBF)

The Rev. Dr. William L. Self brings you positive and powerful messages of faith and hope as a trusted motivational leader. This time discussing the importance of sticking to your dreams, no matter what the challenges, because one day they will come true.