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Kimberly Knight

Encountering Jesus

Kimberly Knight (UCC)

Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures...

It has been said "The resurrection is the fulcrum of faith. The resurrection is the axis, the center, the core, the pivot point of faith for a Christian. If there is no resurrection of Jesus, then Christianity is just another ancient religion with its own particular form of spirituality and morality. The truth of Christianity hinges on the resurrection"  So here we are, the community of believers assembled to celebrate the resurrection.  So, what can we say about the resurrection? Nothing, not one thing.  There is not one word, one syllable that I can utter about the resurrection.  Anything I say about the resurrection would be myth, illustration, magical fantasy.  Why?  Because our gospels just don't give us that.  There are no descriptions of the event of the resurrection.  No hidden camera in the tomb that illumines the moment when Christ defeated the bonds of death. 

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