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The Rev. Dr. Bill Britt

Wake Up! Christmas Is Coming

Luke 21:25-36

1st Sunday of Advent - Year C

December 02, 2012

The Rev. Dr. Bill Britt (UMC)

A number of years ago when I was serving a church in another town, a man stopped me after the morning worship service and asked if he could make an appointment to see me. Then he told me that he had a message for me from the Lord. As I hesitated I noticed members watching and listening; and in a weak moment, I offered to see him early on Monday morning. The next day he showed up, bright and early. As I sized him up, he seemed to be a nice-enough fellow--polite, soft-spoken, and well-groomed. He thanked me for agreeing to see him and said that the Lord had told him to give the message to every preacher in town. I tried to hide my disappointment that the message from the Lord was not just for me.

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