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Topic Features About Eternal Life

The Rev. Dr. Brian Coulter

Brian Coulter: It Was About Noon

John 4:5-15

3rd Sunday in Lent - Year A

March 19, 2017

The Rev. Dr. Brian Coulter (PCUSA)


Our story today starts with the word "so."  S-O, "so" -- two little letters, too significant to skip. "So" is a conjunction here and the function of this conjunction is to inform you that you are entering a story already underway. "So" in this case implies a causal relationship. It would be as if I said: "So, I went to the house on the hill" or "So, she finally made that trip to Bangladesh." It shows that something has already happened in the narrative which is now (at least in part) causing what is about to happen. A conjunction with a causal relationship. So, when we begin with the word "so," we must realize we begin with a backstory. 

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