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Faith & Science in the 21st Century Series

Tom Long: Numbering Our Days - Faith & Science Series Part 7

Psalm 90:1-6,10,12-17

November 08, 2015




faith and science day1

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The Rev. Dr. Nancy J. Duff

Hear the Animals Singing: The Bible and Genetics - Faith & Science Series Part 6

Revelation 5:11-14

3rd Sunday of Easter - Year C

November 01, 2015

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Duff (PCUSA)





faith and science day1

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Other Recent Content About Faithscience

The Rev. David Wood Transcript

October 25, 2015

The Image of God and the Secret of Life - Faith & Science Series Part 5

The Rev. David Wood (ABCUSA)

In his "Faith & Science" series sermon, the Rev. David Wood probes the meaning of human creation in the "image of God" in Genesis in light of recent discoveries in genetics.
The Rt. Rev. Nicholas Knisely Transcript

October 18, 2015

Quantum Physics and the Nature of Eternity - Faith & Science Series Part 4

The Right Rev. Nicholas Knisely (TEC)

Bishop Nick Knisely says, in the light of our understanding of time and space, quantum physics, and reality, God's timelessness--which is in evidence throughout the Bible--may be beyond a finite creature's comprehension. Nevertheless there is a reason and a purpose to everything God does.
Faith & Science in the 21st Century Series Transcript

October 11, 2015

What Matters Eternally? Faith & Science Series Part 3

The Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church says we have different ways of approaching the creation stories in Genesis. But she says there is another way to see these stories as profoundly true in their description of God's love for all that is, and profoundly true of human behavior thousands of years ago, today, and into the future.
The Rev. Dr. Ted Peters Transcript

October 04, 2015

God and Cosmos - Faith & Science Series Part 2

The Rev. Dr. Ted Peters (ELCA)

In his sermon for our Faith & Science series, Dr. Ted Peters explores the realities behind Psalm 8, which reveals that regardless of how large our cosmos might be, God still loves each one of us individually and intimately.
The Rev. Scott Hoezee Transcript

September 27, 2015

Every Creature - Faith & Science Series Part 1

The Rev. Scott Hoezee (other)

As we launch our new series, Faith & Science in the 21st Century, the Rev. Scott Hoezee asks some of the big questions of life: does the universe make sense? Does the cosmos have a purpose? Do human beings matter? With the help of Paul's soaring words in Colossians 1, he offers help in addressing and exploring those questions as Christians today.