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Topic Features About Flesh

The Rev. Dr. Stephen R. Montgomery

It's Touching Time

Luke 24:36-48

3rd Sunday of Easter - Year B

April 19, 2015

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Montgomery (PCUSA)


A number of years ago I knew a young woman who was looking for a church in which to get married. She nearly drove her fiancée and her mother crazy, scouting out just about every sanctuary in the city, looking for just the right one...the one with the prettiest stained glass windows, the one with just the right length of the center aisle, the one most accessible to the interstates and hotels, and so forth.

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Aaron Coyle-Carr

Aaron Coyle-Carr: He Ascended With Scars (FTE Series #5)

Luke 24:44-53

7th Sunday of Easter / Ascension - Year A

June 01, 2014

Aaron Coyle-Carr (other)

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

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