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The Rev. J. C. Austin

Following Jesus Is for Losers

Mark 8:27-38

16th Sunday after Pentecost - Year B

September 16, 2012

The Rev. J. C. Austin (PCUSA)

Being a follower is not something we encourage in America.  No college commencement speaker has ever congratulated the graduates on becoming the "followers of tomorrow."  Nobody makes sweeping biographical history films about great world followers.  Nobody gives awards to recognize the contributions of community followers.  Nobody frames their résumé to highlight where they exercised strong "followership" in their work.  Nobody's heart swells with pride when a fellow parent comes up to them and says, "You know, your kid is a real follower." 

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The Rev. Laura Mariko Cheifetz

Who Are We Without Our Stuff?

Luke 14:25-33

Proper 18 (23) - Year C

September 05, 2010

The Rev. Laura Mariko Cheifetz (PCUSA)

Who are we without our stuff? For those of us who are U.S. residents, we are citizens of consumption, mavens of materiality. We are American consumers more often than we are American voters. Americans are brand-identified. Our patterns of consumption define us, and project who we are. Some of us like to project success, and others of us like to project social responsibility with what we have purchased. We are PCs or Macs; Blackberries, Palms or iPhones; Nike or New Balance; fair trade or free trade. We are Toyota, Volkswagen or Ford car owners; we are supporting breast cancer research as we buy pink or AIDS research as we buy red. We know how cool we are based on whether we choose Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Explorer to surf the web. We stick to one preferred airline, with Southwest customers proud to feel the "luv" or fly JetBlue with its DirectTV at every seat and fancy T5 at JFK.

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Other Recent Content About Following Jesus

The Rev. Dr. Peter Samuelson Article

May 02, 2009

Who would Jesus torture?

The Rev. Dr. Peter L. Samuelson (ELCA)

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life published a survey that says a majority of church going Christians believe torture of suspected terrorists to get information can be justified. While there may be some reason to suspect those numbers, it is hard for me to reconciling a belief in torture with following Christ.