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Topic Features About Forgiveness

The Rev. Dr. Fairfax F. Fair

Fairfax Fair: Choosing to Be Captive or Free

Matthew 18:21-35

15th Sunday after Pentecost - Year A

September 17, 2017

The Rev. Dr. Fairfax Fair (PCUSA)


The phone call came out of the blue. The men on the call, men whose son and daughter were married to one another, were cordial but not buddies, not pals. They lived in different towns: they led separate lives. If not for their young adult children, they never would have known one another.

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The Rev. Dr. Dock Hollingsworth

Coming Home

Luke 15:1-3,11b-32

4th Sunday in Lent - Year C

March 06, 2016

The Rev. Dr. Dock Hollingsworth (CBF)


Act I: The Younger Son

Dad is well off. He is a gentleman farmer who owns considerable land. The younger son gets bored and wants to take off. You have known people like this; they have to live fast. Morning chores will never hold them to the farm. This guy must get out of here. Leave home--hit the road.

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Other Recent Content About Forgiveness

The Rev. Dr. Alex Evans Transcript

September 14, 2014

Forgiving from Your Heart

The Rev. Dr. Alexander Evans (PCUSA)

How do we move from the place of being hurt, angry, victimized, abused, and alienated, to a place where we can say, 'I am more than that, God calls me to be more than that?' Forgiveness is the path to that place.
The Rev. Susan Sparks Transcript

February 23, 2014

Sinners at the Laundromat

The Rev. Susan Sparks (ABCUSA)

Susan Sparks shares a fresh way to think about the spiritual life as she takes us to the laundromat and helps us consider what in our life needs to be washed, ignored, or thoroughly cleansed.
The Rev. Dr. Dwight A. Moody Transcript

December 29, 2013

Ending Well

The Rev. Dr. Dwight Moody (CBF)

As we face the beginning of a new year, we all want to end this year well. And in his sermon, Dr. Dwight Moody challenges us to consider forgiving somebody--as Paul encouraged the Colossians--as part of doing so.
The Rev. William E. Flippin, Jr. Transcript

March 10, 2013

The Day God Ran

The Rev. William Flippin, Jr. (ELCA)

In his message for the 4th Sunday in Lent, the Rev. William Flippin Jr. offers a fresh perspective on the parable of the prodigal son, showing us a God who loves us so much he runs to meet us.
The Rev. Joe Evans Transcript

March 03, 2013

Spared the Ax

The Rev. Joseph Evans (PCUSA)

As we continue in the season of Lent, the Rev. Joe Evans explores Jesus' admonition in Luke 13 to repent or perish, as well as his story of the unproductive fig tree. If we've been spared the ax as well, what will we do with today?
The Rev. Reggie Weaver Transcript

September 09, 2012

When the Roof Crumbles

The Rev. Reggie Weaver (PCUSA)

In his sermon on Mark 2:1-12, the Rev. Reggie Weaver explores the story of the man dropped through the roof by his friends--the only way he could get to Jesus' healing touch. How are we hindering others' approach to Jesus?

The Golden Rule

The Rev. Peter Wallace (TEC)

Jesus said, "In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets." —Matthew 7:12
The Rev. Dr. Thomas Lane Butts Article

May 17, 2012

An Encouraging Word: "I Don't Mean To Criticize, But..,"

The Rev. Dr. Thomas Lane Butts (UMC)

Within our constellation of relationshiips we tend to be part of the problem or a part of the solution.