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Topic Features About Genocide

The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles

We Will Be Like Jesus

1 John 3:1-7

Third Sunday of Easter - Year B

April 30, 2006

The Rev. Dr. Guy Sayles (CBF)

A dozen years ago this month, a campaign of vicious genocidal slaughter began in Rwanda. In just three months, 850,000 Rwandans were killed. Theologian and ethicist David Gushee asked how such brutality could have occurred in "the most Christianized country in Africa." Churches, seminaries, schools and benevolent organizations were scattered all over the country. Ninety percent of Rwandans claimed to be Christians. "And yet," Gushee writes, "all of that Christianity did not prevent genocide, a genocide which church officials did little to resist, in which a large number of Christians participated, and in which, according to African Rights, 'more people died in churches and parishes than anywhere else.'" (David P. Gushee, "Church Failure, Remembering Rwanda" in The Christian Century, April 20, 2004, p. 28)

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