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Topic Features About Haiti

The Rev. John Porter

Haiti: What Is Left of Her

The Rev. John Porter (TEC)

The earthquake struck out of the blue in the slow, hot hours of the late afternoon. A weird clicking sound was accompanied by eerie puffs of smoke sneaking out of the cracks and crevices of concrete walls. Then, terrible explosions. The ground buckled in waves and concrete slabs began to sail like ships across a tumultuous sea of chaos and noise. Bewilderment! Confusion. Dust and smoke reducing visibility to zero! Screams and cries for help! All the worse for not knowing what was happening nor being able to make sense of it.

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Haiti Earthquake Resources from Day1 Denominations


In the last week you have seen a number of personal reflections on the terrible tragedy that continues to unfold in Haiti. Rev. Ken Carter has shared his experience as his wife worked to return from the devastated country, and others have shared their stories of the grace and strength that only God can provide in times such as these. 

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