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Topic Features About Human Rights

Kimberly Knight

Consumerism Really Gone Too Far!

Kimberly Knight (UCC)

Buy Now Pay LaterAs I type this I glance at a widget on my desktop telling me that it is only 2 days, 17 hours, 35 minutes and 17 seconds until the Apple Computer World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco.   Why is my eye floating to the nerdy info bit every once in a while this week?    I am looking forward to announcements about the new iPhone.  My new job is all about online organizing, staying connected – I finally have a legitimate reason to upgrade into the iPhone.   Then as I am doing research for the aforementioned new job, research about topics that our members have indicated are important to them – one issue tweaks my conscience – consumerism.  In fact I spent the greater part of my final semester in seminary working on an annotated bibliography for an Ethics class and guess my focus?  Yep – consumerism.  And here I am all-aglow with geek-tacular excitement over a gadget that I want to buy and I run across a most disturbing article that exposes a most heinous sector of consumer culture.  The title of the article (not from the Onion mind you) is :

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