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Topic Features About Life

The Rev. Dr. Brett Younger

Brett Younger: Life Is Short

Luke 12:32-40

12th Sunday after Pentecost - Year C

August 07, 2016

The Rev. Dr. Brett Younger (CBF)


When our oldest son is born, friends come to the hospital, ask to hold the baby, comment on how glad they are that Graham looks like his mother. As they are leaving, several say something like, "Don't blink, because that's how long it will be before he's off to college." 

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Faith & Science in the 21st Century Series

Tom Long: Numbering Our Days - Faith & Science Series Part 7

Psalm 90:1-6,10,12-17

November 08, 2015


Tom Long: When we gain the deep knowledge that we are limited in days and incomplete in ourselves, this can draw us ever closer to the God who is immortal and who brings our life to completion.

Peter Wallace: That's the Rev. Dr. Tom Long, and today he joins us for our special series on "Faith & Science in the 21st Century." I'm Peter Wallace...this is Day 1.

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Other Recent Content About Life

The Rev. David Wood Transcript

October 25, 2015

The Image of God and the Secret of Life - Faith & Science Series Part 5

The Rev. David Wood (ABCUSA)

In his "Faith & Science" series sermon, the Rev. David Wood probes the meaning of human creation in the "image of God" in Genesis in light of recent discoveries in genetics.

Living a Fruitful Life

Odyssey Networks

Those who delight in the law of the lord are like trees planted near streams of water, which yeild their fruit in its season, and their leaves do not wither; in all that they do, they prosper. Psalm 1:3
The Rev. John Gunn

Finding Your Way

The Rev. John Gunn (other)

The Rev. John R. Gunn writes, "Whatever may be the difficulty you face, the same difficulty has been faced by others. However hard your lot, it is not exceptional; others have been placed in the same sort of situation. None of us ever has any sort of trial, struggle or hardship that is not common to man."

The Rev. John Gunn

Life's Conflicts and Struggles

The Rev. John Gunn (other)

In this episode of Be Still and Know, The Rev. John R. Gunn speaks to the significance of life's conflicts and struggles. We sometimes complain of these things when really they are the making of us. If we had no trials or hardships, if we lived always at ease and in comfort, we would never develop into strong men and women and we would never know the meaning of a vigorous and victorious life.

The Rev. John Gunn

God is on Your Side

The Rev. John Gunn (other)

How can you get the most good out of life? This is an ever present and ever pressing question. In answering it, author John R. Gunn writes that, "To begin with, you must have a true view of life."

The Rev. Pam Driesell Transcript

April 24, 2011

Beyond Bunnies and Jelly Beans

The Rev. Pam Driesell (PCUSA)

In her Easter message based on John 20, the Rev. Pam Driesell says, "Easter is not a promise that your business or family or the church or the world will be 'like it used to be,' or even that your pulse will go on beating forever. It is a promise that the power that gave you a pulse will never, ever abandon you."
The Rev. John Gunn

Hopes and Aspiration

The Rev. John Gunn (other)

"You and I are not meant to settle down and rest in undisturbed contentment.", writes columnist John R. Gunn on the topic of life exploration in this episode of Be Still and Know.


Born in the Darkness - The Rev. Debra Shew on Day1 Sermon Reflections

The Rev. Debra Metzgar Shew (TEC)

In today's sermon, hear how the places of darkness and sincerity in your life can become instead, places of new life and light. First of a two-part segment. Discussion and Reflection follow the sermon excepts.