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Topic Features About Parenting

The Rev. Dr. Rosalyn R. Nichols

A Mother's Wisdom

Proverbs 31:10-31

17th Sunday after Pentecost - Year B

September 20, 2015

The Rev. Dr. Rosalyn Nichols (CC(DC))

I confess that the only times I have heard this passage read has been a part of the eulogy in honor of a woman who lived in ways that we wish to celebrate. Still as much as we love to hear Who can find a virtuous woman, I believe it behooves us to consider the context of this passage.

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The Rev. John Gunn

Good Strong Conscience

The Rev. John Gunn (other)

If you have a conscience in good workig order, you should thank whoever brought you up. Are you responsible for the rearing of a child now? Then here is a great opportunity for you; an opportunity to build a conscience so that one day, the child will not have to stop and ponder about what to do and what not to do. He'll know the difference between right and wrong. And if you have done your job well, the child will be grateful to you for the conscience you have helped him develop.


Other Recent Content About Parenting

The Rev. John Gunn

Apron Strings

The Rev. John Gunn (other)

Frequently I have heard it said of some boy, 'he is tied to his mother's apron strings.' Sometimes this is said in ridicule of a boy, yet had you thought that it might also be a high commendation? The Rev. John R. Gunn writes, "It depends on the mother and the type of strings which tie her son to her."

The Rev. Mimi Walker Transcript

August 01, 2010

Broken Hearted God

The Rev. Mimi Walker (CBF)

The Rev. Mimi Walker discovers in Hosea 11 a broken-hearted Parent--God--who despite anguish and sorrow over the betrayal of God's people promises unrelenting love.

The Rev. Dr. Thomas Lane Butts Article

May 07, 2009

Dr. Thomas Lane Butts: 10 Rules to Live By

The Rev. Dr. Thomas Lane Butts (UMC)

Dr. Thomas Lane Butts revisits some classic "Rules to Live By" for parents.

Parental Advice - Day1 Diner with Rev. Otis Moss III

I have found that the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it," -- Harry S Truman, 33rd President of the United States.

Kids Moving Home - Day1 Diner with Rev. Otis Moss III

Human beings are the only creatures on earth that allow children to come back home.. --Bill Cosby, Comedian

Who is Sleeping Where - Day1 Diner with Rev. Otis Moss

In a survey of American high school seniors, 66% of boys and 61% of girls agreed that "it is usually a good idea for a couple to live together before getting married -- Institute for Social Research Univ. of Mich. 2001

Body Modifications - Day1 Diner with Rev. Otis Moss III

The most common cosmetic plastic surgery in 2004, for both men and women, was botox, which removes wrinkles from the face. -- American Society of Plastic Surgeons
The Rev. Allen Hunt Transcript

January 14, 2007

God's Promises for You: I Love You

The Rev. Dr. Allen Hunt (UMC)

The Rev. Dr. Allen R. Hunt invites us to live in the immensity of God's persistent and unconditional love.