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Topic Features About Perseverance

The Rev. Cuttino Alexander

The Table Scrap Feast

Matthew 15:21-28

10th Sunday after Pentecost - Year A

August 17, 2014

The Rev. Cuttino Alexander (ELCA)

What do you do with table scraps?

It's a serious question these days. Think about those fruit peelings, the half-eaten broccoli, the dropped macaroni, the cut-off bread crusts. All of it goes straight into the garbage, wasted. I am certainly guilty of that.

According to one report, the average American wastes up to 25% of food and drinks that they purchase.[1] Just discarded, spoiled. This is at a time when one in six Americans are hungry, and over 800 million people worldwide don't get enough to eat.

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The Most Rev. Michael Curry

Keep the Faith

Hebrews 10:32--11:1

Pentecost 13 - Year C

August 18, 2013

The Most Rev. Michael Curry (TEC)


Faith! The prophet Habakkuk said, "The righteous shall live by faith." Faith! Jesus said, "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you will say to this mountain be moved from here to there and it will obey you." Faith. When he healed folk, he told them, "Go your way, your faith has made you well." Faith. The book of Hebrews says, "Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." Faith. St. Paul said we are justified, put right with God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Faith. Faith is the key to living the power of the resurrected life of Jesus in our lives.

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Other Recent Content About Perseverance

The Rev. Dr. Charles Reeb Transcript

August 15, 2010

Postcard from Heaven

The Rev. Dr. Charles Reeb (UMC)

The Rev. Dr. Charles Reeb offers encouragement from the book of Hebrews to keep running with perseverance the race of faith set before us.