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The Rev. Joshua Scott

Joshua Scott: Intentional Faithfulness

2 Kings 2:1-14

3rd Sunday after Pentecost - Year C

June 30, 2019

The Rev. Joshua Scott (CBF)


Today, if I told you that many of us suffer from a traumatic disease that is eating away at us daily, would you believe me? This disease, however, is gaining traction by infecting many in our world today. Right now, this disease is eating at the hearts and the minds, the brains, and even the limbs of our friends, our families, significant others, and if we are courageous enough to reflect and to admit, it can be found in many of us today. This tragic disease is a mixture of selective amnesia mixed with the worshipping of circumstantial knowledge which ultimately leads to circumstantial faith. The disease, you see, of circumstantial faith is defined as faith in God based on favorable life circumstances. Individually, you decide when your faith takes root, and when your faith can be uprooted. When life is good, God is good. When life is bad all we notice is the circumstance, the challenge, or the chaos. Is it possible for us to admit that our circumstantial faith is placing a lid on our potential, and ultimately our relationship with God? Could it be that for us to thrive professionally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically God is asking for our faith to take root, rather than to uproot and flow in the wind pending the different circumstances life presents? Each day God is holding a graduation for those who desire to graduate from circumstantial faith to a state of intentional faithfulness.

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The Rev. Dr. Tim Boggess

How Jesus Ruins Everything

John 6:56-69

13th Sunday after Pentecost - Year B

August 23, 2015

The Rev. Dr. Timothy T. Boggess (PCUSA)


I remember it as if it were yesterday. A friend and I were heading back to the states after the trip of a lifetime to Eastern Europe. I was in line at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, getting ready to board the flight to Boston, when my friend called me over. He told me that he had cashed in enough of his frequent flyer miles to get both of us upgraded to first class. First class. I had never flown in first class before. It was, in a word, WONDERFUL!

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Other Recent Content About Perseverence

The Rev. Dr. Ozzie E. Smith, Jr. Transcript

November 16, 2014

Wake Up and Believe!

The Rev. Dr. Ozzie E. Smith, Jr. (UCC)

Paul’s message in 1 Thessalonians is filled by a zeal based on an intimate knowledge of Christ, which produced his passion for evangelism. Yet converts often suffer from being lulled to sleep--becoming distracted and overly concerned about the future as opposed to living in the present. Dr. Ozzie Smith urges us to wake up and believe!