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The Rev. Dr. Steven Pierce

Steven Pierce: Ain't No Rock Gonna Shout for Me

Luke 19:28-40

Palm Sunday - Year C

April 14, 2019

The Rev. Dr. Steven Pierce (other)


It was Palm Sunday, but because of a sore throat, 5-year-old Annie stayed home from church with her mother. When the rest of the family returned home, they were carrying palm fronds. Annie asked them what they were for. "People held them over Jesus' head as he rode by on a colt," her father explained. "Wouldn't you know it," Annie fussed, "the one Sunday I'm sick and Jesus shows up and offers pony rides!"

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The Rev. Kimberly S. Jackson

Kimberly S. Jackson: Quack Like a Duck: Singing in the Rain

Psalm 98:1-9

6th Sunday of Easter - Year B

May 06, 2018

The Rev. Kimberly Jackson (TEC)


Each morning before even getting out of bed, I am still and listen for my animals. Can I hear the chickens singing their egg songs - to make sure that everyone around knows that they just produced new eggs? Can I hear the distinct sounds of my sure-footed goats hopping over logs, foraging for breakfast, and calling out to the others to come and taste something new? Has Arnold, my cat, taken his place at the door and started demanding his morning meal?

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Other Recent Content About Praise

The Rev. Dr. Clayton Schmit Transcript

January 03, 2016

Knowing the Heart of God

The Rev. Dr. Clayton Schmit (ELCA)

John 1 introduces us to the Word. Dr. Clay Schmit says words are a way we share what's inside of us with another, and this connection also works with our relationship with God. The tragedy is that no matter how purely God seeks to make God's self known, there are still those who don't know God.
The Rev. Dr. Dwight A. Moody Transcript

December 27, 2015

The Prepositions of Praise

The Rev. Dr. Dwight Moody (CBF)

We have a singing faith. The Rev. Dr. Dwight Moody unpacks Colossians 3:16, which encourages us to sign psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs TO God, ABOUT Christ, FOR each other.
The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston Transcript

November 11, 2012

The Witness of Stones

The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston (PCUSA)

The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston takes a different approach to the "Palm Sunday" story in Luke 19, and reveals an intriguing and motivating insight on praising God.
The Rev. Lawrence J. Clark Transcript

March 25, 2007

Oh the Things That Happen At Bethany!

The Rev. Lawrence J. Clark (ELCA)

The Rev. Lawrence J. Clark celebrates Bethany as the place of joy and retreat in the life of Jesus and calls us to worship and praise Him as did Mary.

The Rev. Dr. Ted Wardlaw Transcript

August 31, 1997

The Stewardship of Praise

The Rev. Dr. Theodore J. Wardlaw (PCUSA)