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Tugging At God's Heart (Part 2) - Victor Pentz on Day1 Sermon Reflections

The Rev. Dr. Victor D. Pentz (PCUSA)

Why can't we just believe in the fatherhood of God, and the family of humanity...? Because there is a large unbridgeable gulf between a Holy God.. and a sinful humankind.. -- Dr Victor Pentz

What Do You Want (from Jesus)? - Part 2 - Rev. Ozzie Smith Day1 Sermon Reflections

The Rev. Dr. Ozzie E. Smith, Jr. (UCC)

Part 2 of 2; Sermon Reflections; The Rev. Dr. Ozzie Smith: "What do you want from Jesus: the meal or the message? To be filled up with food, or a life that is fulfilled?" The Day1 Reflection Team with hostBill Turpie.
Bishop Kenneth Carter Article

July 21, 2009

help...stay away!

Bishop Kenneth Carter (UMC)

we often need help, and yet we resist the very help that we need.
The Rev. Dr. Fred R. Anderson Transcript

December 14, 2008

God's Will for You

The Rev. Dr. Fred R. Anderson (PCUSA)

The Rev. Dr. Fred R. Anderson is pastor of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City.


Keeping Our Lives In Perspective - Day1 Reflection Team

What helps us get release from seeing our lives as dreary and desparate? What allows us perspective and to keep perspective in terms of our lives...Join our panel for reflection and discussion.
The Rev. Dr. Robert Dunham Transcript

October 21, 2007

Whose Persistence?

The Rev. Dr. Robert Dunham (PCUSA)

The Rev. Dr. Robert Dunham takes a fresh look at the parable of the persistent widow and asks us to consider prayer as a call to act justly on behalf of those who are seeking life and liberation.

The Rev. Geoffrey Hoare Transcript

September 23, 2007


The Rev. Geoffrey Hoare (TEC)

The Rev. Geoffrey Hoare urges us to pray without ceasing to make supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings for this is right and is acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires everyone to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

The Rev. Dr. Sam Matthews Transcript

July 29, 2007

Teach Us to Pray

The Rev. Dr. Sam Matthews (UMC)

The Rev. Dr. Sam Matthews tells us that persistent prayer is virtuous  when it seeks the mind and heart and spirit of God and  reminds us that we are called to sincere prayers in the midst of the Church body.

The Rev. Dr. Barbara K. Lundblad Transcript

January 07, 2007

Baptism-Shaped Life

The Rev. Dr. Barbara K. Lundblad (ELCA)

The Rev. Dr. Barbara Lundblad reminds us that after the waters of baptism have dried we are called to a life of prayer through which we come to know the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

The Rev. Joy Yee Transcript

May 21, 2006

Prayers from the Pit

The Rev. Joy Yee (CBF)

The Rev. Joy Yee, pastor of Nineteenth Avenue Baptist Church in San Francisco, California and moderator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, urges us to pray to God with an open heart during even our darkest times.