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The Rev. Dr. Christopher Girata

Your Prophetic Voice

Luke 13:31-35

Second Sunday in Lent - Year C

February 21, 2016

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Girata (TEC)


A few weeks ago, I received a video link from a friend. In the video, a young man performed a small-scale experiment, a "social experiment" if you will, on the streets of New York. As he sat on the sidewalk by himself, leaning up against a storefront window, the young man held a sign that read, "Homeless: need money for weed, drugs, and alcohol." As people walk by in the video, numerous people stopped to give him money. Some of the people who toss money into his cup say things like, "Stay high man, stay high," and "make sure you get a big bottle." After collecting a meaningful amount of money, his cup filled with cash, the screen goes dark.

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The Rev. Dr. Thomas Lane Butts

You Are Not One of Us

Mark 6:1-6

6th Sunday after Pentecost - Year B

July 05, 2015

The Rev. Dr. Thomas Lane Butts, Sr. (UMC)

The Old Testament history of the Jewish people had so many strange twists and turns that it is nothing short of a miracle that it survived to the birth of Jesus. And things haven't been straightforward for the Jewish people since either. The Jewish road from obscurity to political, social and religious power was filled with breathtaking events of danger and destruction. In the time leading up to the birth of Jesus, the Jewish people became so fragmented, lost and hopelessly endangered that they realized that their condition was beyond human help. They were holding on to the hope of divine intervention into human affairs in the form of a Messiah. And this growing expectation was not casual. It was their only hope for deliverance from the burgeoning power of personal and political enemies.

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