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Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

Bishop Elizabeth Eaton: Truth and Dare

John 8:31-36

Reformation Sunday - Year A

October 29, 2017

Bishop Elizabeth Eaton (ELCA)


Ah, Reformation Sunday! Time to celebrate everything Lutheran. Let's bring out the red vestments and paraments. Bring on the extra brass. Fire up the choir. Sing the fight song (A Mighty Fortress), and the Reformation scripture texts! All of our favorites...all speaking our language. Jeremiah 31? The law will be written directly on our hearts - no need for intermediaries - we're Lutherans, we bypass all that static and go directly to God. Romans 3? We're justified by faith...we don't get bogged down by works. (In fact. there was once a Gnesio Lutheran who had inscribed on his tomb stone, "Never did a good work in my life.") John 8? We're Lutherans...we know the truth and we are not so sure anyone else does. And for one, glorious Sunday each year we revel, we splash, we exalt in our Lutheran-ness.

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