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Topic Features About Repentence

The Rev. Dr. Wiley Stephens

Repent, Ye Saints

Luke 3:7-19

Advent 3 - Year C

December 13, 2009

The Rev. Dr. Wiley Stephens (UMC)

Word was spreading all over Jerusalem; a great new preacher had arrived on the scene.  Out in the wilderness was a man who was sounding like one of the prophets of old--you know, the ones our great, great grandparents talked about.  The man was telling it like it is or, as some would say, he was tacking some hides to the smokehouse door.  He was preaching straight from the book.  Isaiah seemed to be his favorite and he was bringing those ancient words alive.  Out there in the wilderness, there were the makings of a great revival.  Perhaps they were singing songs like granddaddy did.  Down there by the River Jordan they were a having a good time.

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