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Topic Features About Rest

The Rev. Dr. Rodney Petersen

Rodney Petersen: The Sabbath and Social Renewal

John 17:20-26

7th Sunday of Easter/Ascension - Year C

June 02, 2019

The Rev. Dr. Rodney Petersen (PCUSA)


Earlier in the year, a friend sent around an email reporting that a radio station, known for its conservative brand of Christianity, held a discussion of the Ten Commandments, of which it was said only nine are still valid. This led the talk show host to ask, "Well, which one is done?" "Oh," said the guest, "the fourth, about Sunday." This prompted another friend to say when he heard someone boast about not taking a day off. "And what other commandment are you proud of breaking?"

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The Rev. Keith Anderson

When Freedom Becomes a Burden

Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30

4th Sunday after Pentecost - Year A

July 06, 2014

The Rev. Keith Anderson (ELCA)

"Come unto me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."

Rest. It's not something we Americans do very well. Studies show that Americans are overworked and overstressed. Even during this three-day Fourth of July weekend, people will be checking their smart phones for work emails, social media updates, and breaking industry news.

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Other Recent Content About Rest

The Rev. Canon David W. Lovelace Transcript

July 22, 2012

An Invitation You Will Not Want to Refuse

The Rev. Canon David Lovelace (TEC)

In this high-tech world, hearing Jesus' invitation to "come away and rest for a while" is very appealing. The Rev. Canon David Lovelace explains why that is so important and how we can experience more spiritual connectedness with ourselves, others, and the planet.
The Rev. John Gunn

God of Speed

The Rev. John Gunn (other)

In this episode of Be Still and Know, The Rev. John Gunn talks about our fast-paced lives. "In both work and play, speed seems to be the outstanding characteristic of American life. Indeed it is the opinion of many medical men that the strain induced by the tremendous speed at which we are going is driving us to nervous breakdown, insomnia and eventual mental and physical collapse."

The Rev. John Gunn

Neglect of Sleep

The Rev. John Gunn (other)

This episode of Be Still and Know focuses on the importance of proper sleeping habits to one's body, mind and spirit. The Rev. John R. Gunn writes, "Neglect of proper sleeping hours will sooner or later have its effect, not only in the impairment of one's strength and health, but in the disturbance of other conditions vital to wholesome and happy living."

The Rev. Sharon Hiers Transcript

July 19, 2009

RSVP to Jesus

The Rev. Sharon Hiers (TEC)

The Rev. Sharon Hiers explores Christ's invitation to his disciples--and to us--to get away for a while to a deserted place.