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The Rev. Dr. Thomas Lane Butts


Joel 1:23-4; 2:25

25th Sunday after Pentecost

November 06, 2005

The Rev. Dr. Thomas Lane Butts (UMC)

There is nothing more common to all humankind than the experience of loss. It is a pervading part of life from the time we lose the warmth of the womb until we leave on the "Long Journey." So much of life is spent adjusting to losses which range all the way from trivial to catastrophic. There are necessary losses which propel us from one stage of life to the next on the way to maturation. There are little losses which we can usually adjust to with minimal effort and keep our lives in manageable units. There are losses which usually, sooner or later, make some sense in the larger scheme of things. Then there are those losses which overshadow our whole existence and seem to make no sense at all.

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