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Topic Features About Revelation

Dr. Jan Love

The Grace of the City of God

Revelation 21:10,22--22:5

6th Sunday of Easter - Year C

May 09, 2010

Dr. Jan Love (UMC)

Revelation is one of the most difficult, even weird, books of the Bible. We don't use it as often as we do other parts of the New Testament. Despite the readings for this week and last, we don't find it listed frequently in the lectionary. We usually don't dabble in it for leisure, and we certainly don't read it to young children before bedtime! Most of this book is a ferocious mix of images, creatures, battles and symbols. We read about horsemen, dragons, beasts from the sea, beasts from the earth, lakes of burning sulfur, mouths with swords in them, and much, much more. Lord, have mercy!

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The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston

Apocalypse: Then and Now

Jeremiah 33: 14-16 Luke 21: 23-36

First Sunday of Advent - Year C

December 03, 2006

The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston (PCUSA)

In recent years, Thanksgiving feasts at my house have all featured a culinary wonder that I simply call "The High-Heat Turkey." This family tradition began about seven years ago, when a food critic for the New York Times, Suzanne Hamlin, published an article that gave an account of her own turkey-roasting research. This critic had roasted nineteen identical turkeys. Each turkey was cooked at a different temperature. Some were roasted slowly at low, low heats; others were placed in ovens with elevated temperatures that were gradually reduced over time; some were basted, some were not; some covered with cheese cloth, some not. At the conclusion of her study, Hamlin declared turkey #19 to be the winner. Turkey #19 was roasted at a blistering 500 degrees from start to finish. The critic acknowledged that while the process had made a mess of her oven and basically destroyed an enamel roasting pan, the resulting bird was a triumph! I have been a believer ever since.

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