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The Rev. William E. Flippin, Jr.

William Flippin Jr.: Counterfeit Clergy

Jeremiah 23:1-6

9th Sunday after Pentecost - Year B

July 22, 2018

The Rev. William Flippin, Jr. (ELCA)


Father Frederico B. Gomez de Esparza was a Catholic priest affectionately known throughout his parish in Yuma, Arizona as Father Fred. He was a priest that hailed from Mexico and who served bilingual parishes in Arizona. By all accounts, Father Fred did his job well. Everybody loved him. He was known for his sermon mastery and knowledge of the Roman Catholic Church. He also knew the Scriptures, administered the sacraments, comforted the sick, conducted wedding and funerals - everything that clergy are supposed to do. He was later found out of having no credentials and was counterfeit. The parishioners who trusted him were deceived, describing him as a "wolf in sheep clothing."

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The Rev. Jason Micheli

Jason Micheli: A Sheep Without Verbs

John 10:11-18

4th Sunday of Easter - Year B

April 22, 2018

The Rev. Jason Micheli (UMC)

My first funeral sermon 16 years ago flopped. "It didn't sound like you knew him at all," a worshipper told me on the way out of the funeral home chapel. "Uh, I didn't know him at all," I replied. I was just a student. I didn't know then - they don't warn you in seminary - that most lay people consider it the mark of a good funeral sermon when the preacher sounds like he knows the deceased.

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Other Recent Content About Shepherd

The Rev. Sue Haupert-Johnson Transcript

November 23, 2014

God Has Left the Building

The Rev. Sue Haupert-Johnson (UMC)

In her sermon for the Reign of Christ Sunday, the Rev. Sue Haupert-Johnson explores Ezekiel to find the powerful image of God as shepherd, who goes out to seek the lost, bind the injured, and strengthen the weak.
The Rev. Dr. Donald Fishburne Transcript

April 21, 2013

Raising the Dead, Shepherding God's Sheep

The Rev. Dr. Donald Fishburne (TEC)

The Rev. Dr. Donald Fishburne draws on two lessons, from Acts 9--the story of Peter's miraculous encounter with Dorcas--and John 10--an account of Jesus' contentious encounter with religious leaders, to reveal questions of faith that we need to wrestle with.
The Rev. Adam Thomas Transcript

May 15, 2011

Young Leaders Series III: The Sheepfold

The Rev. Adam Thomas (TEC)

In part 3 of our Young Leaders of the Church series, the Rev. Adam Thomas explores the image of Jesus as shepherd and as gateway in John 10, and reveals how Jesus calls us to abundant life.
The Rev. Peter Wallace Article

June 01, 2009

What are you afraid of?

The Rev. Peter Wallace (TEC)

Peter Wallace offers a 5-part video series on the Psalms, focusing on the theme of fear.

Kimberly Knight Article

April 29, 2009

The Good Shepherd

Kimberly Knight (UCC)

Exploring the beloved 23rd Psalm, in scripture, in our hearts, in our daily lives and on the web.
The Rev. Dr. Wiley Stephens Transcript

May 07, 2006

One Life to Give

The Rev. Dr. Wiley Stephens (UMC)

The Rev. Dr. B. Wiley Stephens, senior minister of Dunwoody United Methodist Church in Dunwoody, Georgia, speaks of the power of Jesus' love and the challenge it presents in our lives.