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The Rev. Dr. Dock Hollingsworth

Dock Hollingsworth: How Big Is the Church?

Acts 2:42-47

4th Sunday of Easter - Year A

May 07, 2017

The Rev. Dr. Dock Hollingsworth (CBF)


My wife, Melissa, and I met at the First Baptist Church of Doraville, Georgia -- a northern suburb of Atlanta. She had lived in the same house all of her life and had attended the same Baptist church. My family became involved there when I was a teenager. First Baptist is the church that taught me about Christian community. It was where I preached my first sermon and years later went forward to tell the church that I felt called to full-time Christian service. First Baptist was where I was ordained and where Melissa and I were married. I thought our church was exceptional and unique and that no other place would have what they have, no other place would love me and accept me like the people of Doraville.

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The Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor (Part 2) - Day1 Conversations with Peter Wallace

The Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor (TEC)
Renowned scholar and theologian, the Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor, sits down with Day1 host Peter Wallace for the second part of their lenten interviews discussing a wide range of topics including her books, her students and her passion for her work as a teacher.

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The Rev. Dr. Rob Nash Transcript

June 01, 2008

Turning the Great Commission on Its Ear

The Rev. Dr. Rob Nash (CBF)

The Rev. Dr. Rob Nash provides a fresh look at the Great Commission by asking Chrisitans to listen in love and compassion and to be open to questions that can be the door to transformation.