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The Rev. Matt Rawle

Matt Rawle: Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Transfiguration

Luke 9:28-36

Transfiguration Sunday - Year A

February 26, 2017

The Rev. Matt Rawle (UMC)


Today is the concluding Sunday for the season of Epiphany, a season in which we marvel at God's magnificence being revealed through Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Christian year begins with a poignant waiting for the Christ child; and when the child is born, our first response is to stand in awe of God's amazing and abundant love for us and for all of creation. Soon we will do the difficult work of looking at our own soul, discovering what we need to give up or maybe what we need to take on in order to prepare ourselves for Christ's sacrifice and resurrection during the season of Lent and Easter. But today on Transfiguration Sunday, we simply stand in awe of God being God.

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The Rt. Rev. Nicholas Knisely

Quantum Physics and the Nature of Eternity - Faith & Science Series Part 4

Mark 10:35-45

21st Sunday after Pentecost - Year B

October 18, 2015

The Right Rev. Nicholas Knisely (TEC)





faith and science day1

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Other Recent Content About Time

The Rev. Canon C. K. Robertson Transcript

January 25, 2015

No Time to Lose

The Rev. Canon Charles K. Robertson (TEC)

We often confuse what Jesus means when he speaks about the kingdom of heaven coming near. The Rev. Dr. Chuck Robertson says he's not talking about heaven, but God's reign, God's presence and power and peace, which is quite near indeed.
The Rev. John Gunn

God's Guidance

The Rev. John Gunn (other)

The Rev John R. Gunn writes, "God has given each one of us a heart, which can pick up the beam of His guidance, if we keep tuned to Him. If we listen to the sound of His voice, we can fly our plane of life safely and not get lost amid the storms and fogs of the world, but there are certain factors which may cause us to lose His voice."

The Rev. John Gunn

The Long Look

The Rev. John Gunn (other)

This episode of Be Still and Know examines Christ's teachings regarding taking time for God and taking a long look at life and the world. The Rev. John R. Gunn writes, "Faith is not merely our adjustment to some particular situation. It is our adjustment to the whole of life."

The Rev. Dr. Joanna Adams Transcript

January 03, 2010

Should There Be a Clock in the Sanctuary?

The Rev. Dr. Joanna Adams (PCUSA)

The Rev. Dr. Joanna M. Adams launches the new year with a thought-provoking look at the times and seasons of life, and the many changes that confront us.
The Rev. Dr. Edward S. Gleason Transcript

December 04, 2005

The Mystery of Salvation is the Mystery of Time

The Rev. Dr. Edward S. Gleason (TEC)

The Rev. Dr. Edward S. Gleason is former executive director and editor for Forward Movement Publications and is rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Trappe, Md.

The Rev. Dr. Edward S. Gleason Transcript

November 27, 2005

In the Time of This Mortal Life

The Rev. Dr. Edward S. Gleason (TEC)

The Rev. Dr. Edward S. Gleason is the retired executive director and editor for Forward Movement Publications. He is rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Trappe, Md.