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Topic Features About Tolerance

Dr. R. Kirby Godsey

Redeeming Our Religion

John 13:34-35

January 22, 2012

Dr. R. Kirby Godsey (CBF)

Religion has been a source of great human good, a deep reservoir of hope and grace. But we should face up to the dark side as well. Religion is being used for profoundly evil purposes. Bad religion is making our world more dangerous--from Tehran to Norway to Gaza, people are maiming and killing and plotting evil deeds in the name of God and Allah and Yahweh. The killing fields of devout believers are ablaze.

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The Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow

The Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow: Why We Must Keep Talking About Race

The Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow (PCUSA)

Yesterday during lunch I was "privileged" to overhear a conversation between two folks who were sitting at the table next to me.

person 1, How was class today?

person 2, It sucked.  The Chinese people in my class don't even speak English; they're so retarded.

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Other Recent Content About Tolerance


Conversation with Rev. Otis Moss III - A 30 Good Minutes Interview

The Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, III (UCC)

Hosts Lillian Daniel and Daniel Pawlus in conversation with Otis Moss III, who says the landscape of the American faith community is a tapestry, drawing from the rich ethnic and religious traditions of its multicultural population. When we begin to operate as a people learning how to love each other, we learn not to allow fear to determine our behavior.

A Conversation with Welton Gaddy - 30 Good Minutes Interview

The Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy (CBF)

Lillian Daniel and Daniel Pawlus in conversation with Welton Gaddy, who says "The reason that this nation has such religious vitality is because we have respected each other's right to pursue different paths and we have protected that for each, other not just ourselves."

Day1 Conversation with Rev. Dr. Lillian Daniel

The Rev. Dr. Lillian Daniel (UCC)

The Rev. Dr. Lillian Daniel sits down with Day1 host Peter Wallace to discuss a wide variety of subjects including: the congregational United Church of Christ outlook, her work on the "God is Still Speaking" Identity campaign, as well as the four points of interest for her congregation: "everyone is a child of Christ," "God is a part of our everyday lives," "We are free to think of God in our own way," "Another world is possible" and the commitment to social justice, "It takes all kinds to make a difference."

Exploring Other Faiths - Day1 Diner with Rev. Otis Moss III

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. - Proverbs 22:6 (NIV)